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General Questions

We do not allow pets in any of our facilities, including the campground. 

Yes! You can purchase these on site from our main office or over the phone. Just let us know how much you want and who to make it out to. 

Gift certificates can currently only be redeemed by phone or in person and cannot be honored with online reservations. Please call our office at (208) 558-0900 to book with and redeem your gift certificate. 

Horseback riding is the only activity that has an age limit since this is run through another company. Children 5 and up may participate in horseback riding (12 and up counts as an adult). 

Everything else at the ranch is available to people of all ages, according to their own capabilities. If you can do it, you're welcome to participate. We'll leave certain activities up to the parents to decide for younger children. 

We don't have any group limits for our activities or campgrounds. The only limits in place are for the number of people in our cabins (and that is not COVID-related). 

All of our facilities are COVID-clean and were before the pandemic started. We always keep everything cleaned and ready for the next visitors. 

We do not allow ATVs on the grounds in the Summer months, but there are trails just outside the ranch grounds.

In the Winter months, ATVs and snow machines are welcome. 

If you are interested in Outfitting services, please call Steve at (208) 558-0900

Camping and Lodging

Nope! We have a campground available for groups or you can just come out and enjoy our numerous activities for the day.

Yes, we have a strict limit for each of our cabins. If you plan to have more people than a single cabin allows, you'll need multiple cabins or one that allows your entire group. 

The limits are as follows:

The Lodge: 20-25 people. The Lodge sleeps 20 people, but 25 can stay. You'll just need to bring extra bedding for the number of people past 20. 

Family Cabins: 6-8 people. Our family cabins sleep 6, but 8 can stay. You'll just need to bring the extra bedding for anyone past the 6. 

Cottages: 2-4 people. We have three cottages the sleep 2 people and three cottages that sleep 3 people. The maximum amount for any of our cottages is 4 people. You'll just need to bring the extra bedding beyond the sleep capacity. 

Little Cabin: 2 people are allowed to stay in our little cabin. All bedding is provided. 

None of our lodging is equipped with food items or toiletries, so you'll need to bring your own. 

We do provide basic pots and pans and dishes in each cabin for your use. All of our cabins also have coffee makers, toasters, small refrigerators, and microwaves. The Lodge is equipped with more to accommodate larger amounts of people. Call us if you have any questions about this. 

We will frequently provide special offers on week days during our off-season (October through April). For more information, give us a call at (208) 558-0900.

We do have minimum required lengths of stay for certain lodging options. 

For the campground or Lodge, you must rent it for at least 3 nights. 

The Little Cabin and Family Cabins must be rented for at least 2 nights. 

Cottages can be rented for 1 night. 

Lodging check-in is 3pm or later, and checkout is no later than 11am.

Our campground is intended to accommodate large groups. 

When you stay at our campground, you must rent the entire campground for at least 2 nights (at $135 per night). This includes the bathrooms, showers, and water pavilion.

You can add up to 8 tent campers for an additional $35 per night.

You can also add an extra RV for an additional $35 per night.

You can book your stay at Eagle Ridge Ranch online here. You can also call our office. 

Zero cancellation policy on all cabin reservations.


During the summer season, we provide fishing services from 8am to 8pm for $10 per person. 

It is $10 per person to go fishing at the ranch, plus $6 for each fish that you want to keep (you don't have to pay for any fish you release). 

To go fishing at Sheridan Lake, it is $125 per day per person. You must have a reservation for this spot. 

At Sheridan Lake, it is fly fishing, and catch and release only. No guide is necessary, and we have boats available upon request. 

You can bring your own fishing pole, but we also have poles available. 

Absolutely! Bring your kids along to enjoy in the fun. There is no age limit. 

When we have worms in stock, they are available for purchase. 

No fishing license is required. 

We don't require reservations for fishing at the ranch. But if you'd like to go fishing at Sheridan Lake you will need to make a reservation.  

We have boats and life jackets available upon request. 

You can buy any fish you catch for $5 each, or you can release them back into the water. 

Note: At Sheridan Lake it is catch and release only. 


Children must be at least 6 years old to ride on the trails. For the safety of our horses and guests, no double riding is allowed.

You must give at least 48 hours notice to cancel horseback rides and 72 hours notice for cancellation of any rides that include meals. 

The weight limit per rider is 250 lbs. 

Long pants and closed toe shoes are the safest and most comfortable for horseback riding. 

Yes, non-riders can pay $10 to be at the ranch and take part in water activities. You can fish, paddleboat, canoe, swim etc. Check out our Summer Activities

  • 9:45 am - Mountain 3-hour ride ($95)
  • 9:45 am - Morning 2-hour ride ($75)
  • 1:30 pm - Afternoon Family Special, 2-hour ride ($75)
  • 1:30 pm - Ride, Play, & Eat Package, 2-hour ride and Cookout ($105 adults,$95 kids)
  • 4:00 pm - Evening Ride, 2 hours ($75)
  • 4:00 pm - Western Cowboy Cookout and 2-hour ride ($105 adults, $95 kids)

For more information about horseback riding at Eagle Ridge Ranch, please visit Yellowstone Horses' FAQ

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