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Sheridan Lake & Creek


For a premier fishing experience, let us take you to Sheridan Lake — one of the best trophy trout fisheries in North America. This fly fishing destination is one of the best kept secrets of the scenic Shotgun Valley and has only recently been opened to visitors.
Nestled in a high mountain setting, Sheridan Lake is separated from public access, but is convenient to visit. Exclusive trips to Sheridan Lake are by appointment only for trophy fly fishing.
  • 12 rods a day at Sheridan (in general)
  • Limited number or rowboats available upon request
  • No phone service at the lake
  • Fly-fishing fly rod catch and release only
Sheridan Lake primarily includes Kamloop Rainbow Trout. These broad shouldered fish are known for putting up a fight you won’t forget. The lake is about 200 acres in surface area but closer to 300 when the water is at its highest point. Water depth averages 10 feet with some areas more than 25 feet deep.

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